You may be able to program your own key, or you may be required to use a locksmith to cut & program the keys depending on the make/model of your vehicle.

Some vehicles allow you to program a car key yourself. You will need at least one working copy of your key. Although you can source your key online, we highly recommend allowing us to purchase the key for you or go through one of our preferred vendors. Aftermarket and cheap knock off keys and remotes may or may not work, we have the best results from OEM. If you want to save money, ask for a refurbished remote.

Once you have your key(s), there are steps you can take to program it. Some can be programmed yourself, but most must be programmed by a locksmith.

If you find that a locksmith is needed, we’re here to help! We usually charge far less than what the dealerships are required to charge. Plus, we come to you! Save yourself the added expense of towing your vehicle to the dealership. Plan ahead and make sure you have duplicate keys at all times. We can make duplicate keys as well.