Automotive Smart Keys

Your vehicle may not even have a key —  it may have a “flip key” or “smart key” with a small blade. The technology used to enter and start these cars relies on a computer chip being present in the remote and the vehicle. These two chips must talk to each other in a way that will unlock or start the vehicle. The concept here is the same as transponder keys. If you don’t have a spare, it’s much less costly to get a duplicate made than to have to reprogram the car to a new one.

Residential SmartKey Security™ by Kwikset

The manufacturer Kwikset has a line of DIY products. These locks can be rekeyed by the homeowner. These locks are virtually unpickable and bump proof. If you are locked out of your house, the locksmith will have to drill and replace the lock. Also, in order to DIY rekey, you will need the tool, a key that works, and a new key. Many times, the working key or tool is missing or the locks do not work properly after the rekey. We can help, just call.