Have you seen those key making kiosks in front of or in Kroger or Walmart? The company that owns these has Google listing them as “locksmiths”. When you Google locksmiths, one may be listed as nearest to your location. When you call them, here’s what happens:

  1. Your call is answered by a call center at KeyMe
  2. The call center assigns a “locksmith” to you. That locksmith is not local to the Canton, GA area, they are actually coming from Atlanta which may take hours to reach you. Since they are on the hook for $80 or more, they will lie about arrival time.
  3. This company contracted with employs individuals who are self proclaimed locksmiths with little or no actual experience.
  4. KeyMe charges $80 or more for the locksmith lead. This cost is passed on to you. So instead of paying $80 – $85 for a lockout, you will be charged $160 or more.

In short, you will wait twice as long and pay twice as much for locksmith services. While that’s not exactly a scam, it’s not how we treat our customers. When you call for a locksmith, ask if you are speaking to a call center or a representative of a local business.