car key locksmith

Professional Car Key Locksmith

Lost the key to your vehicle?

As a car key locksmith, we have the necessary equipment to program fobs and transponders and to cut high security keys. Get a quote now.

When you buy a key online, you will sometimes get an off market, cheap knock off, or improperly refurbished transponder key or remote. You will also need a locksmith to cut and program it for you. Call us first, we are happy to provide a key blanks and fobs without markup to ensure that you have a correct match. We keep keys and remotes on hand for the most popular makes and models of vehicles. 

If you have purchased your key or fob online and we aren’t able to program it, you are still responsible for our service call. We prefer to use OEM parts.

Locked out of your car?

There aren’t many makes and model vehicles we can’t handle. We use state-of-the-art equipment, updated yearly to quickly get into your car.

When you call us from anywhere within Cherokee County, we will dispatch a locksmith technician who usually arrives within the hour. If you still can’t find your key, our locksmith can make one for you.

We take the utmost care to prevent any damage to your vehicle. Our technicians are instructed to use the passenger side window and the correct tools to protect your vehicle’s interior. If you don’t want us to enter the car through the window, we can provide entry service by picking the lock and making an entry key at an additional price. Please ask for this service in advance.

Need a duplicate entry device for your vehicle?

If you have ever need to replace the key, fob or Fobik device for your car, you know that can be very expensive, especially at the dealership. Our automotive specialist can make a duplicate key for less. Call us for details 770-720-4743.

Key fob quit working?

Did your check your battery? That may be all it takes to get it working again. If it still doesn’t work, call us, we can help.

How much does a locksmith service cost?

Most legitimate, professional locksmiths charge between $85 and $120 per automotive lockout. Because locksmiths are not required to have a license or proof of insurance in the state of Georgia, the business is frequently operated by scammers and uninsured providers. If the quoted price seems too good to be true, it probably is. Always ask for a price quote, be sure it includes the service call AND the lockout service. Ask for proof of insurance. Legitimate operators will be covered for damages. When an inexperienced or sham locksmith uses the wrong tools on your vehicle, serious and costly damage may occur.

Commercial Automotive Locksmith

Auto repair shops, dealerships, collision centers, tow operators, insurance companies, rental companies, service fleets, and other automotive trades receive special pricing. Please contact us to discuss our trade discount policies and volume discounts.